Shaping Baltimore’s Future: The Parcel 4 Story by Robey Inc

Drone perspective of Parcel 4 construction in Harbor Point, highlighting the structure's integration into Baltimore's urban fabric.

In the heart of Baltimore, a transformation is underway. Parcel 4, part of the Harbor Point development, is not just a construction project; it’s a symbol of urban renewal and progress. 

At Robey Inc, we’re proud to play a pivotal role in this transformative journey. Take a look at the stunning renderings of Parcel 4, which vividly illustrate the future of this transformative project. These images, sourced from Harbor Point’s latest news release, provide a glimpse into the architectural vision and planning that is shaping this development, reflecting the innovative spirit and dynamic future of Baltimore’s landscape.

rendering of the upcoming parcel 4 project occurring in baltimore maryland

rendering of the upcoming Baltimore construction of Parcel 4 in Harbor Point

A Legacy Reimagined

The story of Parcel 4 is a fascinating blend of history and future potential. Once an industrial site known for chrome ore processing, it has evolved into a key element of Baltimore’s urban redevelopment. This transformation represents a significant shift in the city’s landscape, turning a once-toxic industrial area into a thriving, sustainable urban space. 

It’s a testament to Baltimore’s resilience and commitment to progress, themes that resonate deeply with our mission at Robey Inc.

black and white photo of the old Allied Chemical (Chrome Works)
Photo Courtesy: Mark Layton, c1980
$5M Harbor Point Development Concept
$5M Harbor Point Development Concept – Photo Courtesy: Ayers-Saint-Gross
architectural rendering of the proposed Harbor Point development in Baltimore
The provided image captures the historical chrome plant, an echo of Baltimore’s industrial heritage, obtained from Charm City History. This contrasts with the other images showcasing renderings of Baltimore’s Harbor Point, which herald a vibrant and promising future for the city’s development.

Robey Inc’s Craftsmanship

Our involvement in Parcel 4 is a showcase of our expertise and dedication. Specializing in metal stud framing and drywall, we’re not just constructing buildings; we’re laying the foundation for a vibrant community. Our work is characterized by precision, attention to detail, and a deep understanding of the complexities involved in such a significant project. Every component we install is a step towards realizing a vision for a revitalized Baltimore.

Interior view of the Parcel 4 building in Baltimore during the construction phase, showing metal stud framing that outlines future walls, stacks of drywall ready for installation

Interior shot of the Parcel 4 building under precise construction by Robey's skilled team, with metal framing and construction materials systematically arranged.

Impact Beyond Construction

The development of Parcel 4 is a beacon of change, extending its impact far beyond the boundaries of construction. It’s a catalyst for economic growth, providing new job opportunities and stimulating local businesses. The environmental cleanup of the site marks a significant improvement in local environmental quality, transforming a once-contaminated area into a safe, appealing space for residents and businesses. Moreover, the project contributes to the overall revitalization of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, enhancing the quality of life for the community through new public spaces and amenities.

Celebrating Milestones

The topping out ceremony for Parcel 4 was not just a pivotal moment in construction but a testament to the unity, diligence, and collective ambition of all involved. Under the exemplary leadership of Armada Hoffler, this event underscored a significant leap forward in the project, uniting the workforce, stakeholders, and local community in a celebration of our joint accomplishments. 

It’s through such moments that the strength and commitment embedded in the Parcel 4 project truly shine, heralding the promise of an outstanding building upon completion.

The Robey Inc team, posing together with pride at the topping out ceremony for Parcel 4 with the Armada Hoffler backdrop

Aerial view captured by a drone of Parcel 4's rooftop during the topping out ceremony

Our Core Messages

  • Mastery in Complex Projects: Our work on Parcel 4 exemplifies our ability to handle challenging and multifaceted construction projects with expertise and efficiency.
  • Commitment to Safety and Compliance: We uphold the highest standards of safety and regulatory compliance, ensuring a secure construction environment and peace of mind for all involved.
  • Enriching Communities: Our involvement in Parcel 4 goes beyond mere construction; it’s about enriching the community, contributing to urban renewal, and fostering sustainable growth.

Visual Exploration

Our collection of drone images offers a unique perspective on Parcel 4’s transformation. These images not only showcase the scale and scope of the project but also tell a story of change and development, capturing the essence of what we’re achieving in Baltimore.

Elevated view of the Parcel 4 project in progress, with Baltimore's harbor and city buildings in the vicinity

Aerial view of the high-rise Parcel 4 building under development at Baltimore's Harbor Point, surrounded by urban scenery

Top-down image of Parcel 4's ongoing construction, nestled within the bustling Harbor Point district in Baltimore.


Parcel 4 exemplifies Robey Inc’s commitment not only to construction excellence but to sculpting the skyline of Baltimore itself. Each beam raised, every facade crafted, contributes to the city’s dynamic narrative, illustrating the transformative power of strategic development. At Robey Inc, our expertise isn’t confined to scale or complexity; we excel in metamorphosing architectural visions into iconic landmarks. We’re in the business of creating cityscapes, bringing the bold lines of blueprints into the tangible world with unmatched skill and precision.

We’re not just drywall contractors. In addition to our vital construction work, we build legacies. We invite you to collaborate with us on your next venture that aspires to redefine a city’s horizon. We invite you to work with Robey, Inc.

Together, let’s construct landmarks that narrate stories of progress. Contact us for your landmark project and join us in shaping the future skyline.