10 Things to Look for in a Drywall Contractor

interior of an empty grey room under construction

When you’re looking for the right drywall contractors for your next project, it’s not just about working with one who can hang sheetrock and call it a day. You want the contractor who ensures that every panel hung contributes to the structural integrity and look of your commercial construction project. That’s why we came up with this guide to help you hire the right contractor in this bustling market. 

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Why Licensing and Certifications Matter

A licensed contractor isn’t a suggestion, it’s a requirement. It’s a reflection of the contractor’s commitment to industry standards, jobsite safety, and ongoing professional development.

When you know they have all the required certifications and adhere to the highest safety standards, you know you’re getting top-tier work to support your project. It’s a reassurance of success in an endeavor with so many moving parts!

Why Experience and Reputation Matter in Drywall Contracting

Experience in the complete drywall installation process speaks volumes. From hanging to level 5 finishes, be on the lookout for drywall contractors with a robust portfolio of completed projects, specifically completed projects that align with commercial development. Online reviews and testimonials can be telling—explore them. If you want to take things a step further, pay attention to how each company responds to both positive and negative reviews (if they respond at all). Any worthwhile contractor will pride themselves on their history and reputation—both are built on the foundation of satisfied clients and successful projects.

interior of an empty grey room under construction
Our drywall installation services are tailored to meet the rigorous demands of commercial development projects.

The Value of Transparent Cost Estimates

Transparency in pricing isn’t just about managing your project’s budget; it’s a cornerstone of trust and reliability in your chosen drywall installers. So, before you commit to a contractor, ask for a thorough breakdown of costs. This ensures the cost of construction, from materials to labor, is accounted for upfront and can help you mitigate any unforeseen expenses and make informed decisions about the project’s financial viability.

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We can provide comprehensive commercial drywall solutions, from installation to finishing and repairs.

The Critical Role of Insurance and Bonding

These two are other non-negotiables that your contractor should hold. Insurance and bonding safeguard your project by providing financial protection against accidents or substandard work. Local drywall contractors who carry General Liability Insurance and Workers’ Compensation provide you with the assurance that if something does go wrong your project is protected and you’re not left holding the bag.

A Visual Proof of Quality

When you’re vetting potential drywall contractors, nothing speaks louder than their past work. Don’t stay quiet; ask for their portfolio during initial meetings. Any reputable contractor worth their salt will be jumping at the opportunity to show off the good work they’ve done. This will give you a firsthand look at their skills, experience, and attention to detail. It’s a prime opportunity to see the quality of their workmanship and ask questions before making any final decisions.

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At Robey Inc, we specialize in high-quality drywall installation and finishing for commercial properties of all sizes, ensuring you a flawless appearance and long-lasting durability.

Effective Communication and Professionalism 

On any construction site, poor communication leads to errors, delays, and underwhelming results. Don’t risk your project’s success by partnering with drywall contractors with subpar communication skills. When vetting your options, always prioritize effective communication. That means prompt responsiveness, clear explanations, and attentive listening skills. The contractor who possesses these qualities is committed to efficient project management and high-quality work from start to finish.

Robey Inc. drywall contractors reviewing building plans
At Robey Inc, we use a streamlined communication process to ensure that all aspects of the drywall process are clearly stated and effectively managed.

Leveraging Regional Expertise

In today’s construction landscape, local expertise isn’t just convenient—it’s a game changer. When you team up with a local contractor, you’re injecting your project with specialized insights into regional building codes, climate nuances, and sustainability practices. Their expertise ensures not only your project’s compliance and tailored solutions but also helps lay the groundwork for LEED certifications, showcasing your projects dedication to environmental sustainability and energy efficiency.

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Robey Inc is a top-rated drywall contractor in Maryland, Washington DC, and Northern Virginia, bringing local expertise and regulatory compliance to all our construction projects.

Warranties and Service Guarantees

When you’re searching for “drywall contractors near me,” prioritize those offering robust warranties and service guarantees. Contractors who possess these warranties demonstrate their confidence in their craftsmanship. Check for coverage on both the materials being used and the contractor’s labor—this protects your project and ensures that the contractor will be ready to resolve potential issues quickly and efficiently.

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At Robey Inc, we provide comprehensive warranties on all our drywall projects, covering both materials and labor for your peace of mind.

Compliance with OSHA Standards

It’s important that all trades on-site adhere to today’s OSHA standards. Any contractor who disregards these regulations not only jeopardizes your project with legal entanglements, substantial fines, and project delays, but they also compromises every worker’s safety on-site. Avoid these costly mistakes on your next project by partnering with someone committed to OSHA compliance. Every aspect of their construction process should meet your rigorous standards, safeguarding both your project’s integrity and the well-being of the team.

Client References and Feedback

Make it a priority to reach out and connect with past clients who have successfully worked with a contractor you’re eyeing. These firsthand insights will provide you with assessments of their quality of work, reliability, adherence to the project’s budget, and jobsite safety practices. These can all serve as the final seal of approval you need for your project.

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Our team is composed of drywall professionals who specialize in large-scale projects across the DMV area. We’re equipped to handle the complexities and nuances of any commercial construction project.


When it’s time to pick the right drywall contractor for your next project, remember it’s about partnering with professionals that understand the importance of every detail contributing to the overall success of your endeavor. 

We understand that your project is more than just a job—it’s an investment in your future. That’s why we’re here to provide the expertise, support, and peace of mind you need to bring it all to life. For the past 30 years, Robey Inc. has worked with some of the top general contractors across MD, DC, and VA to build a reputation of quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, and client satisfaction. 

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